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LBLBC one of six regional clubs hosting the USA Bowls US Open 2023, October 8-13

Lawn bowlers from across the globe gear up for the momentous return of the U.S. Open in Orange County, Calif., for the 50th anniversary of this prestigious event. Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club (LBLBC) is a member club of Bowls USA and in the Southwest Bowls Division, which utilizes the support of its clubs to host these events. LBLBC will be one of the six regional host clubs and is honored to bring this outstanding event to showcase their club and the City of Laguna Beach.

LBLBC one view

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Photos courtesy of LBLBC

LBLBC has one of the most beautiful views in the U.S.

LBLBC has two bowling greens, a clubhouse and a patio. People from all over the world visit the club as it has one of the most beautiful and stunning views in the United States.

Commencing on October 8, the U.S. Open will span seven exhilarating days, featuring participants hailing from countries as diverse as Australia, England, Ireland, Kenya and Pakistan. These global contenders represent the pinnacle of lawn bowling excellence, setting the stage for an international showdown of unprecedented proportions. Their presence will not only enrich the event, but also symbolize the universal language of sports that transcends borders.

LBLBC one waving

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LBLBC welcomes new members

“It’s a big deal for us locally and will bring a lot of people into the beautiful City of Laguna Beach,” said Patricia Soto, who is a member of the LBLBC board of directors.

LBLBC will be hosting the following events:

–Sunday, Oct. 8 - Women’s Fours Qualifying

–Monday, Oct. 9 – Men’s Singles Qualifying

–Tuesday, Oct. 10 – Men’s Singles Flight Finals

–Thursday, Oct. 12 – Women’s Singles Qualifying

–Friday, Oct. 13 – Men’s Fours Qualifying

LBLBC is a private club open to new members and encourage folks to come down and support the teams. The tournament will unfold across meticulously prepared lawn bowling club greens, including Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club, and nearby Newport Harbor, Laguna Woods, The Groves, Long Beach and Santa Ana.

The U.S. Open, for both men and women, promises thrilling matches, exceptional sportsmanship and an opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate the spirit of competition. It’s a reminder that the love for sports endures, fostering connections that stretch far beyond the confines of the playing field.

LBLBC one trio

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Club members Linda Roberts, Susan Denton and Dru Murphy – winners of LBLBC Memorial Day tournament on September 4

Bowls USA is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and growing the sport of lawn bowls in the United States. Committed to fostering community engagement, sportsmanship and excellence, Bowls USA plays a pivotal role in organizing prestigious tournaments such as the U.S. Open. This year’s U.S. Open is being organized by Bowls USA and Southwest Division Bowls with the cooperation of the local bowling clubs and their memberships.

The LBLBC is located at 455 Cliff Drive in Heisler Park, Laguna Beach.

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