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JoAnne Artman Gallery presents “Along Comes Mary Too” exhibition

JoAnne Artman Gallery is presenting “Along Comes Mary Too,” an exhibition of new works by Mary Finlayson. A celebration of color, pattern and form, Finlayson’s work has a fresh and unique aesthetic through her use of gouache and vinyl emulsion. Navigating themes of home, memory and self through her still lifes and interiors, her interest in painting interior spaces and still lifes portray how environments reveal identity. The artworks are on display from October 1 through November 30.

JoAnne Artman Gallery sun room garden

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Photos courtesy of JoAnne Artman Gallery

“Sun Room Garden,” gouache on canvas, 40”x48” by Mary Finlayson

Considering interiors as portraits that contain their own narratives, her compositions explore the stories that each space tells about the people who inhabit them. Flattening the perspective of each scene, her still lifes provide a voyeuristic glimpse into each curated space while capsulizing the intimacy of each scene. Energetic lines evoke movement that helps enliven the otherwise stagnant settings and floral arrangements while reduced, simplified forms reveal a complexly structured, distinctive style.

In homage to the iconic works of David Hockney, Henri Matisse and Stuart Davis, Finlayson borrows similar bright color palettes, repetitive patterns and simplified forms. Creating tightly constructed compositions unique to her own style, she combines her backgrounds in printmaking and painting to layer and contrast colors. The creative process includes immense attention to detail and meticulous planning around the composition, as she considers personal attachments and importance of objects, the perspective of each scene and the captured feeling of a space over accurate depiction. Creating environments that are partly real and partly imagined, Finlayson’s ability to craft a story by way of her art is enigmatic.

JoAnne Artman Gallery bookshelf with red chair

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“Bookshelf with red chair,” gouache on canvas, 40”x48” by Mary Finlayson

Finlayson lives and works in San Francisco as an artist, teacher and art therapist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University, a Graduate Degree in Art Therapy from the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute and an Arts Education Degree from the University of British Columbia.

JoAnne Artman Gallery is located at 346 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach. For more information, visit


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